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COVID-19 Update

Dear friends, family and loyal customers,

First, I would like to say that all of us at Skyline hope that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe and making the best out of this unprecedented time in your lives. As you navigate the changes in routine, thoughts and services, we want to be there for you. (click the arrow to the right to continue reading our update)

As a concerned small business operator, community partner and tireless promoter of economic stability and development, I have wrestled with should we shut our doors and follow suit with so many others or should we remain relevant in providing food to those who need it or desire an option? Knowing that we need to keep as many people employed as we can and the fact that our business and staff are extraordinarily clean and set up perfectly for social distancing, call ahead ordering, sanitary grab & go, curbside pick up on request, and deliveries makes my decision an easy one.

Skyline Deli Express and Skyline Catering have been deemed “essential” to daily life and are allowed to stay open. We have seen crowded grocery stores with fluctuating hours and unsafe distancing. We have also seen dwindling food choices with many establishments closing or limited to fast food drive throughs. Our thoughts are now turned to how can we fill a void and give all of you another option for a meal.

Our deli and catering are open from 5:30am-1:30pm Monday-Friday. By reasonable request we will stay open for you beyond these special hours of operation. We will offer our full menu for both the Express Deli and Skyline Catering. Please be understanding if we are occasionally out of something due to the food supply chain or a labor shortage. Box lunches and individual homemade microwaveable dinners are very popular right now as a safe & sealed option.

We will list our daily hot entrees on our Facebook page and websites. Calling ahead and having us get your order ready for whatever time you would like to pick up is always best, but you are still allowed to come in person as long as we practice safe distancing and health protocol. Right now, we are also experimenting with local delivery, especially for the folks who can’t or don’t want to leave their house or business. Please call us at 414-294-4808 and ask what we can do if you need this service.

Economically, small businesses and especially their staff are going to be hurt the most. Food & beverage is a huge part of the economy and most employees live from check to check. I want to thank everyone from the deepest part of my heart for considering any restaurant, bar, deli or other small business during this time. We are grateful, and like you we are trying to keep our spirits positive and our prayers plentiful.

Thank you & stay healthy,

Ernie Wunsch & the Skyline team

We're bringing a fresh idea to Southeastern Milwaukee County: "Dining on the Go."

At Skyline Catering Deli, we believe that eating on the go does not mean that you need to eat fast food or sacrifice taste and quality for convenience. Here, dining on the go means more than "carry out," it means that you can expect superior food and service for any meal at any time of day.

Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or maybe just appetizers and dessert, you can count on Skyline Catering Deli to provide you with a convenient place for excellent food at a fair price.

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Skyline Catering Deli understands that your time is valuable to you. That is why we offer "Call Ahead Ordering." Simply call us, and we will have your order bagged and waiting for you to pick up. No waiting in line, simply grab and go.

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About Us

Skyline Catering began in 1997 and has built its reputation on our total commitment to providing you with outstanding and freshly prepared food, personal and timely service, and competitive pricing. Since then, Skyline has consistently delivered on this commitment.

In 2009, Skyline Catering Deli began. Building on Skyline Catering's reputation for quality food and service, Skyline Catering Deli is dedicated to providing busy people a convenient choice for delicious food at a reasonable price.

We promise that:

  • We prepare everything fresh daily in our kitchen
  • We use only the best of the best ingredients
  • We stay competitively priced
  • We put a huge emphasis on quality, taste, and friendly service
  • We back up our meals 100% guaranteed